Monday, 7 June 2010

Past exam clips for G322

The 1st sitting of this exam was January 2009, when Monarch of the Glen was the source of the clip, and representation of age was the focus.

The 2nd sitting was summer 2009, a Dr Who clip with gender the representation focus.

The 3rd sitting, in January 2010, used a clip from Hotel Babylon, with ethnicity the focus.

June 2010: Primeval, focus on gender.

January 2011: BBC1's Hustle, focus on gender:

The June 2011 sitting was on social class and status, using BBC1's Merlin:

The Jan 2012 sitting had sexuality for the first time:

You can read that at

You can't read anything into what has/hasn't been the focus on exam, but I will note that Regional Identity plus Physical Ability/Disability haven't yet been covered.

You can access the official mark schemes and examiner's reports, including some sample actual student exam essays, at
There's a lot of useful material at the chief examiner's blog too:
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