Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Representations revision resources

The following are several guides, in addition to any added to blogs on one representation area, on all 7 areas of representation, or the general concept of representation:

This is a nice overview of each of the 7 areas of rep'ns:

This one is a workbook with tasks, but particularly good at integrating THEORY and explaining theories of representation:

This is very good at illustrating a range of common representations of the disabled:

This is a very thorough (60-slide) step-by-step run through the concept of representation, how ideology comes into it, and each of the 7 areas are considered in turn:

This blog post features a summary of a report into representations of the disabled, with a range of YouTube clips included to illustrate the points:

This blog post has embedded clips for 6 of the rep'n areas to try, plus one exam report:

This website is mainly looking at gender and sexuality, but incorporates points (and especially theory) which can be apllied to most of the 7 areas of representation [it contains some strong language]:
Role models
Ally McBeal
Positive role model?
by Judith Schroeter
More and Cosmo
Confident magazines for women
by David Gauntlett

Men's friendships
Joey and Chandler
by Vegard Iglebæk
Men's magazines
Lessons in sexist attitudes?
by Lucy Brown

(that list goes on much longer, each one lnking in to detailed further essays with specific theories highlighted)

There are many clips here which have 1 rep'n highlighted for practice: